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tinyBE • living in a sculpture

26. June - 26. September, 2021

#1: Frankfurt/M • Darmstadt • Wiesbaden • Germany

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Photo: @tinyBE, Alison Knowles, The House of Dust, 1967/2021
Photo: @tinyBE, Alison Knowles, The House of Dust, 1967/2021

Art Summer 2023: Alison Knowles’ The House of Dust

As part of the Wiesbaden Art Summer 2023 under the motto FLUXUS S(I)EX TIES, the walk-in sculpture The House of Dust by Fluxus pioneer Alison Knowles will be open to visitors. The sculpture was programmed by the artist in 2021 and realized in the context of the interdisciplinary sculpture project... read more

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Im tinyBE TV gibt es viele Informationen zum tinyBE Projekt und jede Menge Clips zu sehen: artists interviews, constructions sites, tinyTours. Laure Prouvost, Christian Jankowski, Onur Gökmen, MY-CO-X und Alison Knowles sprechen über Ihr Werk und die Museumsdirektoren Prof. Matthias Wagner K, Dr. read more

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exclusive tinyBE Edition for sale in our tiny online shop

We are very happy to present you our tinyBE Edition! The fine art prints of the tinyBE sculptures are all numbered and signed / stamped by the artist. Price per fine art print: 185 € + shipping The portfolio contains 8 paper works in DIN A3 format in an edition of 175 copies for 990 € +... read more

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Introducing our tinyBE art mediation programme

The exhibition series tinyBE’s art mediation programme conveys the content of the sculptures being presented – including questions surrounding the interface between art, architecture, and design, as well as themes such as sustainability, ecological building, trends in minimalism etc. The... read more

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tinyBE • living in a sculpture

26.06.2021 - 26.09.2021

#1: Frankfurt/M • Darmstadt • Wiesbaden • Germany

Sculpture park by day / habitable sculpture by night
The premiere of tinyBE • living in a sculpture in 2021 includes 9 living sculptures by internationally renowned artists. The specifications: Use of sustainable resources, maximum size of 30 square meters, topic-related concepts developed for tinyBE. The sculptures exhibited in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Darmstadt are open to the public during the day. Guided tours and temporary day and night experiences can be booked.



  • tinyTALKS podcasts examining „tinyBE-Topics“ with museum discussion partners
  • tinyQUIZ for kids and anyone who wants to go on a scavenger hunt around the park
  • Telegram-Group tinyBEOFFICIAL (t.me/tinybeofficial)