In terms of architecture, the  fountain designed by Richard Meier in Metzlerpark of the Museum Angewandte Kunst refers to the nearby museum building. A path running north to south and a longer one running east to west intersect at an axis and simultaneously define the round fountain’s center. Meier’s structure radially encompasses the water source, from which one looks out at the museum, the park, the banks of the River Main, as well as in the direction of Metzlerstrasse. Three stone benches offer static seating in this postmodern architectural design and act to contrast the fluid activity within the fountain.

As part of the tinyBE exhibition and the accompanying dialogue forum tinyMONDAYS, vista 3,5° lends material form to the lecture series’ theoretical concept: a wooden installation and supplementary materials supplement Meier’s fountain. The structure is be understood as a palpable spatial expression of the performative discourse taking place there.
In the water installation’s southeast section, geodesic segments reflect the circular layout. On the one hand, these distinguish the event location from the surrounding Metzlerpark; on the other hand, their incompleteness and semitransparency physically manifest the fundamental conceptual idea of an open discourse requiring completion. An additional, fourth bench and the round stage have been designed using accenting colors in order to break with conventional appearances. The granite block that Meier has had placed in the fountain is a symbol for the historic Metzler Villa and functions as a lectern in this context. It breaks through the circular shape of the stage and is situated in such a way that the presenter’s position poses a challenge for speaking to an audience. In practice, a dialogue situation that negates frontality demands physical and intellectual movement, comparable to a visual play of 3,5° describes the contemporary understanding of a decentralized discourse, manifested in flexible body movement and reflexive rhetoric.