20 September 2021, 16:00

tinyMONDAY # 09: The cave as a place where humanity take a leap.

Location: Metzlerpark of Museum Angewandte Kunst

Time: 16.00 h– 21.00 h

There is something mysterious about caves. They are a place for hiding, an adventure or a surprise. In the moment of surprise and wonder, we take a leap. What does the history of the cave tell us? What social leaps can be initiated, or reinforced, in its depths? And which caves do we possibly need today? At the final edition of tinyMONDAYS we invite you to a discussion where artistic, architectural and philosophical perspectives all come together. Starting with the Lascaux Cave and ending with the Tiny House, we wander through cultural history and illuminate the relevance of places below the (Earth's) surface for social leaps.