30 August 2021, 18:00

tinyMONDAY # 07: At the boundaries of growth, a new game begins.

Location: Metzlerpark of Museum Angewandte Kunst

Time 18.00 h – 21.00 h

Many of us have experienced new limitations over the past year. They point to an end and a new beginning. They awaken in us an appreciation of the small, the simple, the minimalised. In a social environment where populations and property prices continue to rise, we’re also increasingly seeing an inner desire for minimalism and renunciation. What does the increasing relevance of 'Tiny Living' tell us about the old game where there were no limits? What is the motivation behind people's decision to live in small spaces? And what sort of free spaces do we need for a meaningful life? tinyBE invites you to a lively discussion between experts from art and architecture, science and entrepreneurship.

Das während der Ausstellung stattfindende wissenschaftliches Forum tinyMONDAYS ermöglicht im voraussichtlich 8x mit Vorträgen, Diskussionen und Workshops allen Interessierten in einen Diskurs mit Architekt:innen, Künstler:innen, Wissenschaftler:innen, Politiker:innen und Soziolog:innen zu treten. Die Kooperationspartner Normative Orders, KfW Stiftung, Stadt Offenbach, Earnest&Algernon präsentieren unter dem Dach von tinyBE einen eigenen tinyMONDAY.